Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Menus

Yom tov, yom tov, yom tov. HAPPY SUKKOS!

For tonight:

chicken noodle soup
baked potatoes w/tofu sour cream and green onions
salad bar
pastry cream w/strawberries

For lunch tomorrow:

orange chicken
beef broccoli
fried won tons
ice cream

For dinner tomorrow:

tomato soup
macaroni and cheese
spinach souffle
salad bar
honey cake

For lunch tomorrow:
bean tacos w/all the fixings
cabbage lime slaw
Mexican rice
root beer floats


I think we'll make it! :)

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Menu

I think I missed a couple of weeks here. It's been a bit, er, hectic!

For tonight:

roast chicken
mango chutney and jalapeno pepper jelly
brown rice
mashed potatoes
mango slaw
zucchini w/preserved lemons
roasted cabbage
sweet and sour mushrooms
strawberry sorbet
angel food cake

And for lunch:

caesar salad
carrot salad
cauliflower salad
turkey deli sandwiches
veggies from dinner
honey cake and cake from guests!


Here is the poem that Amirah is submitting to the library's Young Writers Contest:

Blue butterfly in the tree,
Swaying gently in the breeze.
Horrible oops!
Raven swoops!
Wings fall, periwinkle blue,
Lying broken in the dew.

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Menu

B"H I got most of the cooking done tonight since tomorrow the kids have a half-day marine science class. A few things left for tomorrow, but nothing too complicated.

For dinner:

crockpot chicken with preserved lemons and brown rice
mashed potatoes
roasted zucchini and mushrooms
roasted cauliflower
spinach salad
chocolate mousse

For lunch:

olive tapenade
beef shank stew
marinated mushrooms
baba ghanouj with preserved lemons
cucumber salad
fava bean tomato stew
arugula/candied walnut/cranberry salad
chocolate cake


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Studying at the Library

We had a great learning today, and tried something new. First, we took our lunch to the (hot) park after finishing our morning learning. The kids had lunch and ran around on their scooters for a little while. Then we headed over to the library. Upstairs, they have many study rooms that you can sign out. So we did! They walked us back to a corner that I never even knew existed - the Teen Book Room. Through that room we walked into another room with lovely, big tables, a dry erase board, huge windows with a pretty view, and great lighting. With three times the table space we have at home we could really spread out. The Teen Book Room had really comfortable big chairs and a "reading bar" (tall chairs at a high counter). No one was there, so I could send one or two kids out to read while I worked with the others. It was great. Very relaxing. Until Raizel took Avi to the nearby bathroom and he sang at the top of lungs the whole time he was inside (great acoustics) thereby "entertaining" the entire top (grownup) floor of the library. We had to have a good discussion about library behavior (again). He mostly managed pretty well. We got through our afternoon learning in 90 minutes. Pretty fast! I think it would be nice to do every Wednesday afternoon and combine it with our regular library outing. We'll see!