Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Menu

This is the FIRST time I've cooked for shabbos since, well, um... October 28! I think that must be a record. :)

Here's what we had this shabbos:

challah (made by Eli)
roast chicken
roasted bok choy
roasted mushrooms/zucchini/onion
roasted eggplant halves
green salad w/kumquats (macerated in rice vinegar/sugar), pears, avocado, crushed almonds
mashed potatoes w/gravy
chocolate/vanilla marble cake (made by Raizel) with raspberry sauce

and for lunch...

beef tacos
beef barley soup
lime cilantro coleslaw
guacamole and homemade pareve sour cream
veggies from diner
cake from dinner


The tacos were really great. Those will definitely have to make a regular appearance. And I love the pareve sour cream. I think it tastes better than dairy! :)

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Dina said...

Your menus always sound delish, would you be willing to share some recipes?