Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Rest of the News

Oh, my. A tricky week. We did only a half-week of learning since I'm just a bit distracted with pesach preparation/packing, but that was fine. Amirah had a siyum for finishing parshas vayeira. She read every word! Usually students skip chunks of it, but it was all going so well and her vocabulary and grammar knowledge was deepening so nicely I just let it continue. It means we spent a lot more time on this parsha than most do, but I love alpidarko! It was working for her, so why mess with it? :)

Then we learned about three car break-ins in two days on our block. Bleah. Nothing much of value taken, it seems. Just property damage. D. thinks we should just leave our cars unlocked so it's easier for them to see what's inside! It's not like a 2003 Odyssey minivan is on their most-wanted-vehicle list. Humph.

Then, worst of all, our dear kitty, Lucy, got hit by a car and died very early this morning. We barely had her three months. Amirah is very, very sad, but handling it pretty well. Her first desire was to get her a blanket to cover her up. Tomorrow we'll have a kitty funeral and bury her in the side of the yard where she liked to hang out. Poor kitty. We will really miss her sweet little face. So many lessons come from these things - lessons about street safety to reinforce, lessons about human lives versus animal lives, lessons about learning to grieve so that when bigger grief comes into our lives we have a sense of how to handle it, and knowing that all that Hashem brings to us is for the good.

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