Friday, June 15, 2012

The Menu

Busy mommy = no blogging. :) Tending and harvesting the garden, homeschooling, visitors...

For dinner, we're having 17 people and eating the garden...

roasted asparagus
homemade tomato pasta with meat sauce
roasted chickens (3! 2 for us, 1 for DH while we're gone this week...)
roasted potatoes
roasted zucchini/carrots/onions w/preserved lemon
roasted eggplant marinated in preserved lemon and basil dressing
roasted mushrooms in same
angel food cake

and for lunch (someone invited myself and my 11 guests, so we're bringing a large part of it!)...

roasted peppers
guacamole w/tomatillos
cucumber salad
sugar pumpkin/butternut squash kugel
any leftover veggies from dinner

And then a week of the kids and I and the puppy (sans DH) in Atlanta. Kids to camp, mommies to play. Nice change of pace!

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