Friday, July 6, 2012

The Menu (again)

So, okay, all I do any more these days is cook shabbos dinner. Or so it appears! :) Well... here it is!

broiled flounder w/a preserved lemon/garlic/butter sauce
shiro wat (Ethiopian chick pea mush)
alecha (a stewed cabbage/potato/carrot/turmeric/ginger/garlic concoction)
injera (Ethiopian sourdough flatbread)
ice cream & mint chocolate chip cookies

(We had Ethiopian food Thursday night and it was so delicious that even though I virtually never serve leftovers for shabbos we just HAD to eat the rest tonight!)

     egg/spinach/sweet potato
miso soup
green salad with miso dressing and fried won tons
eggplant miso salad
teriyaki chicken
lime pie


And what else did we actually do this week? We swam in our new 15' pool 3–4x per day, went bowling, watched fireworks, and, um, well, really not all that much, er, else. We're on learning vacation this month, just davening/parsha/chumash each day (well... most!). Lazy days this week, but hoping to be a bit more productive next week!


Jennifer in MamaLand said...

Sounds scrumptious. I believe the proper name for a "stewed...concoction" is a "stew." ;-)
Also, how do you manage to do miso soup for Shabbos lunch? It is my understanding that miso is fragile and shouldn't be overcooked / lengthily cooked, so I never do. What's the secret???

alpidarkomama said...

The miso seems to survive fine in the oven (though I don't know about all those good probiotics!). If it's a kli shlishi, then you can add the tofu, green onion, etc. And, yes, ahem, it's a STEW. :)