Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Passover Field Headquarters

Good friends help you move, but *real* friends put you up for shabbat and the first days of Pesach (Passover) then let your (first pair of) children move in for two weeks while you head to the other side of the planet to bring your other children home. Words cannot express our gratitude for all they are doing (and our gratitude to them for us not having to clean for pesach!). We are comforted that our children (and us) are warmly welcomed into this family. In less than 2 hours, we head to the airport, so there's that last bit of hugging, kissing, and packing to do now. We'll try to log back in once we get to our layover in Frankfurt, Germany, and attempt to upload some pictures too! --DE and KE

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Anonymous said...

Kerith and Dean, I am so looking forward to your next comments! It means so much to be able to peak into your very rich experiences! When you called, and returned the call to the number you gave me - several times - and it rang busy, or did not go through at all. And, when I have tried to call A and E there has been the answering machine, so they know that I am thinking of them with a very full and happy heart for all of you!! We will continue to be so anticipitory !as we wait for more news, and hopefully some pictures! All is well here and we keep you at the front of our thoughts and deep in our hearts. with much love, mom and dad too as well as d, s, C and c!