Friday, April 25, 2008

Quick Update

Friday, April 25

We are leaving in 5 minutes to see Raizel & Avi. We will spend the morning with them, leave them for lunch and nap, then we hope to bring Raizel back to the guesthouse with us in the afternoon for shabbat. That way, we can focus just on her for a couple of days and get her more accustomed to us since her transition will be a bit trickier than Avi's. More information to follow... and pictures soon too, if we remember the camera cable (bli neder!!)

Shabbat shalom to all!!!


Jesi and Joe said...

Yeah! So glad to hear the trip is going so well so far! I can't believe the attorney took you to a guesthouse!! Are you at the Toukoul guest house now? I'm thrilled to hear he seems to be treating you better than us, and others before us... just don't let him con you into paying him for his services... it's a long story, so I won't get into it! ;-)

The kids sound wonderful, can't wait to see pictures and hear more! Say hi to Melat for us! Tell her Yodit & Tewodros are doing great!

Marni said...

Hi Kerith,
I just read your blog - glad to hear things are going pretty well
but just reading about your exhausting stopover in Frankfort made me feel tired!
Which guesthouse are you staying in and how are you managing with food and cooking?
B'hatzlacha with Raizel and Avi - all your kids are so cute!
Best wishes,

columbia said...

Thank you for finding the time and energy to post - it's wonderful to follow your news and hear about the whole process. Mazal tov and welcome!

columbia said...

Thanks for taking the time to keep us informed -- it's great to think of you all over there.