Friday, January 8, 2010

The Menu

Ah, shabbos. Phew!

gefilte fish
roasted lamb
roasted zucchini/red pepper/carrot/onion
roasted cabbage
baked potatoes with tofu sour cream
caesar salad
pear cake pudding (?)

First, roast your beans, and make a REALLY good cup of coffee. Then have another cup.

Chop, chop, chop the veggies.

Take all the fat off the meats (lamb for today, chicken for tomorrow) (CAVEAT EMPTOR: Solomon's "lamb roasts" look like a good deal, but rolled into the center of the "roast" are the biggest pieces of fat I've ever seen attached to meat; I weighed it and they have consistently been 35–40% FAT; lamb is never a frugal option, and this makes it completely afrugal; gevalt).

Visit your friendly garage freezer and pull out lots of challah, one of the 87 (okay, 6) salmon gefilte fish loafs you made a few months ago, and a ginger pear loaf cake that's much too small because you cut off the burnt edges.

Throw everything into the oven that needs to go in the oven.

Cut up the cake, add soy milk, eggs and brown sugar. Cut up three pears, mash it all together and bake (and yes, it turned out fine!).

Whiz together the tofu sour cream, then the salad dressing.


OOPS. Forgot the croutons. One hour to go, more or less. Can probably squeeze those in. :)

I realized this morning that this was our last chance to visit our beloved Bob's Red Mill. We went and got 50 pounds of flour, black beans, chick peas, oat bran, popcorn, and organic soy beans (I had a 50% off coupon, so saved $20 on those!). A little teff flour too so we can make injera (Ethiopian flatbread) a few times. We had a little snack there, said goodbye to the mill wheel, said goodbye to the real Bob who was there passing out popcorn, and brought home something to refill our grain barrels which are heading towards empty. Yes, I know they have all this and more in Savannah, but I have an irrational attachment to Bob's beans and grains. And why pack the truck with stuff half-full? We're paying by the linear foot, not the pound, so might as well fill as many empty spaces as we can. I also found out that if we put together 500-pound orders, they will do free freight shipping. I bought 175 pounds of stuff today, so if I found a few other Bob aficionados, maybe we could put together a big order. Ah. Sniff, sniff. Something burning? Better run!

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