Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Over and Out!

This is my last night with a (borrowed) computer since Dean's official last day is tomorrow and he'll have to return the computer. We hit a couple of glitches with the move today, but I'm sure they'll be working themselves out. The first was a glitch with the start date. Too long a story, but the upshot is that Dean has to go to work 12 hours after we arrive in Savannah. Gevalt. I just hope we can produce clean clothes and a sack lunch! He'll work Monday and Tuesday, then have the next five weekdays off. The kids and I will be supervising the unloading of the van in the meantime. I'm sure it will work out fine, especially since I'm just watching the unloading. I'll go play with the kids. Outside! In the back yard! Just got to get those unloaders lined up.

The other glitch was discovering that we will be without insurance during the month of February. Short-term insurance can be had for $365, so that too hasn't turned out too badly. Sure beats COBRA!!! SCAD's HR department was shocked to find out we didn't have coverage continuing from DH's former employer, OHSU (AKA OHS-achoo!). They did a cost-saving measure about a year ago and skipped insurance payments for a month. So instead of paying for the month ahead, employees (and OHSU) were paying for the current month. Saved them a ton of money, and leaves former employees STUCK. Grrrrrrr. OHSU just does not have employee-friendly policies.

All in all, this is really, really small stuff. Tiny blips on the radar. BH our family is healthy, DH is looking forward to a new job, we're looking forward to new adventures for all of us, and hashem has the perfect 8-passenger full-sized van waiting for us in Savannah. Right? :)

We had a lovely going away party at the F-H house. Got to see a lot of people at once. It was a holiday weekend though, so many friends couldn't make it. We've visited friends throughout the last couple of weeks, and have had some very nice visits. We'll be in shul for shabbos, bn, so we should get to see more people then which will be very nice.

We've met with the contractor who will finish fixing up this place. Then it will get thoroughly cleaned (not by us!) and windows washed and it should be good to go. Hopefully on the market by February 1. For $235K, in case anyone is interested. Last spring it went on the market for $265K; our realtor thought it would likely sell for $240-245ish, but we weren't in any rush then. Now we just want to unload it, and our realtor thinks it will go for around $230K. We'll see! It's all funny money, but it's a shame we didn't unload it two years ago. On the other hand, we had a different focus two years ago - adoption! Moving and selling the house weren't exactly on the front burner right then.

So, tomorrow I'll pack up a few more odds and ends, see if our blankets and pillows will fit into two checked luggage bags, add the last of the things to the DUMP pile in the garage, go through our Sunday/Monday food plan to make sure we're more or less covered, add a couple of other things to the kids' airplane backpacks, make a shopping list for that first day or two we're in Savannah, and get ready to vacate! Thursday Dean will be here to help finish up, Friday we'll be getting rid of the car one way or another (salvage or to a friend who will buy it to fix up), make sure all the other details are set, get everyone over to the E house for shabbos. Go to shul (wow). Experience the eruv (double wow) for the first and last time. Then around 5:30 on Sunday morning we'll take a bunch of sleepy kids to the airport. All b'n. :)

I think my mind left when our stuff did. It's definitely been harder to stay on task since then. I'm really just ready to hop on that plane, and I'm looking forward to sitting on real furniture, sleeping on a real bed, and eating around a real table. Tonight our stuff is relaxing in Little Rock, Arkansas. More than two-thirds of the way there!

So, more random, run-on sentences and paragraphs. That's kind of how my head is right now. Looking forward to relaying the coming adventures, and really, really, really looking forward to getting back into our learning routine. We all miss that a lot. Good night!

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shoshana said...

Sweeties: I lost your blog address... & I've been sending u blessings on a daily basis 'cause I knew ur moving date.
I am so excited and thrilled; right now as I write u are on the plane(may HaShem keep u safe) heading for your new home.
I wish I were there to greet u with hugs, kisses and freshly baked cake...and to help supervise the move in. I love to supervise.
All is well here. Will be back in OR in a couple of weeks. I can only take our brothers and sisters for so long...Lost about 20lbs, so am feeling great. Doda Shoshana