Friday, July 2, 2010

The Menu

We did a good bit more than the usual housecleaning today (mostly in places no one really sees!), so I made an easy-to-prepare menu that wouldn't take much time in the kitchen. Here it is!

chicken in homemade barbecue sauce
baked potato with green onions and tofu sour cream
roasted cabbage
roasted sweet potatoes
steamed carrots
spinach salad
brownies with chocolate marshmallow topping

and for tomorrow...


One of these days I really need to just make a two-year supply of barbecue sauce and can it. It's not that much harder, and would probably be a good deal cheaper. We use it 1–2x per month, so 72 cups would be enough for two years. That's just 18 quarts, or maybe I'd do pints since that's how much I use for a batch of chicken.

I'd love to do the same with different spice mixtures. Place a community order of various spices and then pre-mix them, like harissa (Moroccan), berbere (Ethiopian), and za'atar (Israeli), and pass it out to the community. Yum.

New house fantasies? They've involved worm bins (for composting kitchen scraps), a spiral herb garden by the front door, daydreams about three chickens (or three ducks; can't make up my mind), and a couple of pygmy goats (there the reality might be too much for our medium-sized space; we'll see!). We're hoping to meet with a permaculture consultant to assess our space and come up with a (very) long-term plan for the outside. Dean dreamed up a mosquito trap involving hanging geckos and dry ice. Hmmmm... A solar shower would be nice too. Free heat and free water. But what about that free time???? In reality, I'll be happy with one 4x8 foot veggie plot and one 6-foot-circle herb garden. Little by little. And as the kids get older it gets easier and easier to have their help with projects like this. Great learning-at-home opportunity!

Back to the reality that shabbos is upon us and I'd better quickly go do those last couple of things. Ahhhhh, shabbos. BE"H, we'll only have three more shabboses here in this house!

Good shabbos, all!

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