Thursday, July 1, 2010


We've temporarily settled back into our learning routine. The house just seems to hum when we're doing our regular thing. It's so nice. We're just finishing up a few things and continuing on with others. Davening, parsha study, Hebrew, reading, math, and science mostly. About half what we normally do, so we can go out and have little adventures in the afternoon and have friends over to play.

Yesterday afternoon we went to a program on electricity at the library. Everyone enjoyed it, especially Eli. It's nice to be at the point where three of them will listen and really enjoy it. Avi did pretty well playing in my lap. Today we went to our little aquarium, where Eli was positively bursting forth with all the things we've been learning in our study of ocean creatures. They were all so excited to look at everything. Afterwards we went to a fish/reptile store to buy some goldfish food and some climbing vines for our little hermit crabs. As much exploring was done there as at the aquarium. The crabs have now been named - Nutshell and Smutter. Not sure where Smutter came from, but the name suits him well! Tomorrow we may go pick some fruit. My strawberries are still waiting in the freezer to be turned into jam. Better get on that to make some more room!

Starting to think about packing some boxes too. We may actually do the big move on the 28th instead of the 1st. I don't think we'll need D around for the big move - just our hired muscles! Then we can spend that Sunday instead unpacking boxes. That would be nice. Might make shabbos a little crazy, but I'm sure we can manage. The inspection and appraisal are done, and it turns out there's about 200 more square feet than listed. Not sure how that happened! Most of my fantasies are about our giant walk-in pantry and the studio that will be our learning room. Fun things to think about, so may it all go through as scheduled and may we get all moved in. So grateful to hashem for all that he has brought us in the last year, wait, two years (Raizel & Avi), wait seven years (Amirah & Eli), well eight years (beshert!!!!!!!), well, our whole lives. I'm so grateful that everything that came before has brought us here.

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