Friday, June 25, 2010

The Menu

A lovely week...

We had a treasure hunt birthday party for Amirah. The treasure, of course, was torah, and the other treasure was the world Hashem created for us and everyone got some shells to take home to remind them of how wonderful this earth is. We also played a few other games and had a very homemade-looking ice cream cake. YUM. Everyone had a good time (and the whole thing only cost $10... sh!).

We also have two new hermit crabs happily walking around their new dwelling. They were the co-stars of the birthday party. They don't seem to like their crab pellets very much, but they're quite fond of cilantro and apple. One is very shy, and the other is extremely extroverted and will crawl all over your arm. Names are TBA.

We also went and visited the train museum for the first time. HUGE HIT! And the very reasonable annual membership gets us into the train museum, Ft. Jackson, the Revolutionary War memorial, and the history museum. A bargain! We had a great time climbing on some trains, admiring others, and Eli went nuts in the model train room - just absolutely loved watching the trains go around and discovering all the many details in the large setup.

The house is moving along. The agreed to all the repairs we requested (short list!). When we walked over to drop Amirah off at the kollel camp, the insulation man was there installing new insulation upstairs. When we walked back to pick her up the electrician was there covering up junction boxes. So... the weeks are ticking along! Moving date is scheduled for August 1! Probably move a few things over before that. Very happy about this.

AND our former next door neighbors from Portland will be visiting us over the weekend. Looking forward to some adventures with M, S, E, & E!

And the most amazing thing that happened this week... DH started saying Perek Shira last shabbos and davening for an improved job situation. On Day 1 he heard of a job for which he was well-suited. On Day 2 he applied AND it was the closing date. And on Day 3... suffice it to say that his work situation suddenly changed/improved drastically and it can't be explained by anything but perek shira and Hashem. I'm talking about major personnel changes and major changes in employee workload. The immediate benefit is that it's looking very much like he won't be working Sundays any more!!!!! There are still policies that make it not the most employee-friendly environment and he'll continue to explore alternatives, but at least (B"H) it's become much more manageable. Such a relief. And his co-workers are actually chatting in the hallway and telling jokes (NOT what was happening before!). So, "baruch hashem" is all I can really say in closing. BARUCH HASHEM!!!!!!!!

And now for the menu...

beef braised in master sauce
cucumber salad
soba noodle salad
Asian coleslaw
eggplant sesame salad
roasted vegetables
fresh Georgia peach upside-down cake

same thing, except chicken braised in master sauce

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