Friday, June 4, 2010


Relative humidity: 80
Temperature: 87

And the weird thing is... I like it (?!?!?). I always thought my ideal place was high up in the mountains by a tumbling stream. Never in a million years did I imagine loving a subtropical climate gearing up for summer. I've been trying to figure out why I like it so much, and really it must be that the air reminds me of some of the best memories I have before I had a husband and children to provide my best memories. Hiking in the Guatemalan rain forest and resting in the hot springs with a dear teacher friend (hi, MH!). Summer music workshops at Amherst. Summers in beautiful, beautiful southern Indiana where I went to college. Music teacher training several summers in Memphis. A solo trip I took through MA, VT, NH, and upstate NY one summer.

Of course, I also remember 100 degrees when the relative humidity is in the 90s. Utterly unpleasant. That will be here all too soon. But for now, I really like this weather much to my utter amazement. I've always emphatically said that I do not, not, not like hot weather (meaning anything over 80!). But those temperatures don't bother me here at all. Maybe it's dry hot weather that makes me wilt?

Time for shabbos. What a lovely gift!

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