Friday, June 10, 2011

The Menu

What a great shavuos! Lots of lovely grownup time. Great conversations. Fun visits. Good food, though I was tired of dairy after one dinner and lunch, so we switched to meat. We mostly eat pareve during the week, with one meat night and dairy more as a garnish than a main focus. :) So... we're having a light-ish meal tonight...

For dinner...
shabbos ground beef sandwiches (AKA BURGERS!) with fancy shabbos-worthy toppings
french fries
garden salad

And for lunch...
bringing an eggplant tomato something or other
and a surimi garden salad

I might even get all the laundry and cleaning done with a menu like that. :) :) :)

And the other good news... our car is FIXED. Computer chip has been replaced and now we can travel more than 30 minutes-ish from home! :)

Good shabbos, all!!!!!

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