Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shavuos Food!

It's been fun cooking dairy for a change! We're also out for two of the four meals, so that has made it pretty easy to prepare.

For dinner #1: OUT!

For lunch #1: dairy sushi blowout - sweet potato, spinach, tamago (egg omelet), cream cheese, krab, tempura (in sushi and not in sushi!), cucumber, avocado... YUM!

For dinner #2: challah, cream of carrot soup, fish cakes, sweet potato corn muffins, baked potatoes w/lots of DAIRY fixings, green salad with won ton strips and goat cheese balls w/preserved lemon (I think a Chinese, French, Moroccan sort of blend will work, won't it?????), kiwi strawberry tart, strawberry cheesecake, strawberry (or maybe a different flavor...) ice cream

For lunch #2: SHUL!

There's a lovely family here for a couple of months, so they'll be joining us for shavuos. Had lunch here with 2/3 of them today. They're considering moving here, so we'll have to show off the best of Savannah in the next few weeks. We need more people with young children!

Happy Shavuos, all!

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