Friday, July 1, 2011

The Week

The kids and I got back from a very nice few days in Atlanta. My first time in a big city since we left Portland! :)

Highlights included:

•A great visit with my Atlanta "sister" and her kids and other former Savannahians!

•A splurge of a meal at Fuego Mundo (delicious Argentinian barbecue; to be worth paying for a restaurant meal it has to be REALLY good and this passed the test)

•Fernbank Science Center (free), planetarium show (not free, but reasonable), and great walking trails behind the center (pond and creek!) (Had we been there on a Thursday night we would have hit the free observatory program too!)

•A day for the kids at Camp Shamayim

•The indoor Farmers Market (cheese, coconut milk for $0.89/can (vs $2!), lemongrass, Thai basil, sesame seeds, green and orange lentils, admiring (but not buying) the huge variety of whole fish, several varieties of bok choy, oyster mushrooms...)

•Costco for incredibly cheap grape juice, kashkaval cheese, and deli turkey

•Last Chance thrift store

Sensations Therafun (a little expensive at $8/kid, but LOTS of fun!)

Very fun, and all the kids were saying they didn't want to leave when it was time. But, as we rolled into Savannah and started to see familiar landmarks Amirah said, "Mama! This really feels like home! I mean, I can really feel it!" :) I agree! Nice to visit other places, but I love being home.

And B"H it's shabbos!

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