Monday, November 21, 2011


A few short updates. :) We had a great trip to Manhattan Beach to visit grandma and grandpa. Here are a few pictures... more to come IYH. We also got to spend shabbos with the L Family in Atlanta on the way out and shabbos with the F Family on the way back. It was all so nice, and just as nice to come home to sleep in our own beds.

Grandpa and 4/8ths of the grandkids!

Eli & Avi in the Rose Garden

Raizel with her Uncle Dan

Skating on The Strand

So much more, but bed is calling.


AMJ said...

Love the pics! It is so great to see pics of the kids since it has been years since I have seen the older 2 and I have never met the younger ones! This reminds me to ask GL for your e-mail so we can be in touch!

Happy Channukah!

alpidarkomama said...

Thanks! My email is my first name at my last name. :)