Monday, November 21, 2011


Upon arriving home, I learned that our local Victory Feed & Seed had little chickens available. I had pretty much figured we had missed the current season (most hatcheries seem to have a break about now) and wouldn't be getting chickens until January/February. Turns out the ones I wanted to get—Plymouth Barred Rocks—were EXACTLY what the feed store had! They also had six available, and we wanted five. I would have taken all six if Savannah didn't have a limit of five.

These cute little chicks...

Will turn into these cute little chicks, G-d willing:

Right now they are living in the learning room in a dog crate. They have to be kept at 75+ degrees right now. In a few weeks they'll be ready to go outside. They're already very sweet. They all run chirping to the window of the crate whenever somebody walks in the room. They eat a TON and are growing before our eyes.

Barred Rocks in general are very docile and easy to handle, and get along well with other pets. (We're thinking of getting a dog in the spring...). They're also chatty, but generally pretty quiet about it.

We love them already!

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