Friday, May 18, 2012

The Menu

Another shabbos, another fun meal!

For dinner...

SUSHI BLOWOUT (special request for ima's birthday!)
asparagus tempura/cream cheese
egg/sweet potato/chard w/shiso gomashio
salmon/cream cheese/cucumber
seared salmon nigiri (seared with a blowtorch!)
salmon nigiri with shiso
and LIME CHEESECAKE for dessert (if we can even eat dessert!)

And for lunch...

steamed carrots (from the garden!)
roasted balsamic beets (from the garden!)
salmon salad (from the garden!)
beef stew
shiso gomashio rice
roasted bananas
corned beef sandwiches
and ORANGE CAKE for dessert

And thank H' for shabbos. Still feeling tired post-bug and hoping to get plenty of extra sleep over shabbos. Good shabbos, all!


Jennifer in MamaLand said...

Mazel tov! (I assume you are ima? ;-)
If so, HB2U!
(my brother's was on Wednesday - he just turned 41)

alpidarkomama said...

The ima was not me, but my husband's ima. :) I have to wait a couple more months to hit double 4. :)

Yael Aldrich said...

Wow! You harvested salmon from your garden! ;)

alpidarkomama said...

Yes, the raceway moat goes right past our windows! ;)