Friday, February 8, 2013

The Menu

Well, my renewed commitment didn't really amount to much, did it? Between learning with the kids all day, making dinner and doing chores in the early evening, and getting ready for the next day after the kids are in bed by 10:00 doesn't really leave much wiggle room. Phew! I imagine next year will amount to pretty much the same, with Amirah needing my guidance a little less, and Avi coming along and needing me more.  I need to strategize ways to have Amirah, Eli, and Raizel doing learning activities with their younger siblings to free up a small amount of my time to help them as needed. It's quite a tap dance, one for which my entusiasm has not waned one whit since we began. Exhausting and hard, but oh, so very rewarding!

So without further ado...


We're out. OUT. O-U-T. Out!!!

AND FOR LUNCH -21 people!

Roasted red pepper salad
Crunchy rosted chick peas (w/spicy berbere and without)
Gravlax w/sweet onions and capers
Adafina w/eggs, potatoes, and kishke
Polenta w/sun-dried tomatoes
Spaghetti w/meat sauce
Bread pudding w/rum sauce


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