Friday, July 11, 2008

Amirah & Eli & Raizel & Avi Update

It's been another good week. The mommy dances are becoming pretty rare. My early weeks of longing for my very own pair of boxing gloves and a punching bag have subsided (though it still sounds like fun!).

Amirah and Eli have been really excited to be in swimming lessons. It's Eli's first time in any sort of class, and I wasn't sure at all what he would think of it. The first thing they did was sprinkle water in his face and he came to me crying but, bless him, he popped right back in the water after he wiped off his face and has been having fun ever since. He's cracking up his teacher being his usual very funny self. He loves being in the water. He wakes up really looking forward to going to the pool. What fun.

Amirah and swimming have really clicked this time. She started swimming class in the fall and did two 5-week rounds of Goldfish classes. In January she started Penguin classes and did two 5-week rounds of that. The spring got disrupted by the adoption, so she hadn't been swimming since March. She popped into the water, and on the second day was able to propel herself through the water for about five feet or so. It's like something just clicked for her. She got a little older and a little bigger and it just made sense to her. She's been really excited about that.

Not too much new with Raizel or Avi. Raizel is definitely venturing out from my side more and more, interacting well with friends and playing in the backyard with Amirah and Eli even if she can't see me. Bit by bit she's starting to understand how reading a book works, how watching a movie works, and many other things like that that were alien to her life before. She's also saying "please" and "thank you" almost every time it's appropriate!! I'm sure it's thanks to Eli who has done so well with this too.

Avi is just rolling around the floor, happy to be amidst all his siblings. Loves to eat anything that lands on his tray. Just lots of smiling from that boy. So.... that's the udpate!

Avi is

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Jesi and Joe said...

Yeah for the swimming! That sounds fabulous! How cool that swimming has suddenly clicked for Amirah, what a huge deal! Sounds like things are going swimmingly (no pun intended!) and you're having a delightful summer!