Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blueberry Lime Jam

Just in case you were wondering what to do with that not-so-great 8-pint batch of blueberry lime jam from last summer... (I know you were...) It may make awful jam (despite its 5-star ratings), but it makes superb oatmeal-blueberry muffins! I somehow managed to make exactly the right amount of jam to carry us through to this summer. Time to start cranking it out again! We decided to skip strawberry jam this year. We like it just fine, but it's not in our top 5. And all that stooping to pick the strawberries! And strawberry fields are a great place for toddlers to run away from you and trample plants in the process. What are our top 5 flavors from the past year? Apricot, pomegranate jelly, blackberry, raspberry, and orange marmalade. I think we'll just stick with those plain old ordinary flavors again this year. We tried a few fancier combinations, but they just don't quite cut it. The best part about picking raspberries? Those nice tall walls of raspberry bushes, so a toddler can only go one way, uh, oops, except for the random openings here and there. Oh, well! We may attempt it tomorrow. We'll see!

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