Monday, July 28, 2008


I was getting so frustrated with Raizel this evening. She picked off all the clay on a project that Eli did. Then she found a black marker and drew all over herself and the (Good Will-quality) couch. Then she and Eli dumped half the water out of the tub while I put a diaper on Avi. Then she took off her underpants (yes, underpants!!!! YAY!) 3 times (she loves to run around naked). I was really gearing up to do one major big mommy dance when she grabbed my legs, looked up at me with big brown soulful eyes and said—>>>for the first time<<<—"I love you, mama." How can you stay mad after that? I put all my frustrations in a little shoe box and shoved them under the bed (that's what I tell Amirah to do :)) and we turned on some fun music and she, Eli, and I danced and danced. Much better than a mommy dance, let me tell you, though I'm sure just as goofy-looking. What was careening towards a really yucky evening turned out to be pretty darn good. And only an hour until bedtime so hopefully we can keep it headed in that direction. :)

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Jesi and Joe said...

Awwwwwwww!!!!! That is so cute! And does sound like way more funny than a mommy dance... it's like she KNEW it was time to be sweet! :-D

BTW... I'm working on the laptop solution and in the meantime haven't been allowing myself regular use of my work laptop to try and get used to NOT having one... and failing miserably so it looks like I'll be getting a laptop afterall!