Thursday, November 6, 2008

Good Article

A friend that I have communicated with on and off about homeschooling matters and seeking out a Jewish community has written a pretty good article on torah-observant homeschoolers here. I would love to think that we're at the forefront of a trend, and that eventually there will be scores of families truly teaching their children al pi darko (according to their way) instead of according to the "derech" of the middle. I honestly believe that being personally responsible for our children's education, as the torah COMMANDS us, is what we ought to be doing. Hiring a shaliach (representative) to perform most mitzvos (commandments) is considered second-best to performing them yourselves. Jewish day schools were created for orphans in the time of the Second Temple, as the article points out. Anyway... I truly feel I have the best, and the most holy, job one can have—passing on our precious mesorah to our children.

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