Friday, November 21, 2008

The Menu

Here 'tis:

Harira (lamb, tomato, lentil soup)
Carrot salad
Beet salad
Green salad with oranges and walnuts
Spinach tagine
Brown rice
Morrocan apricot chicken
Apple cake

Morrocan feast tonight. Ditto tomorrow. :)

It's been a great week!!!! So much happening, so little time to post. Lots of great educational adventures. Amirah decided she wanted to do a little research project on a strange sea creature that is longer than a blue whale and disintegrates into a million pieces if it is taken out of the water. Some kind of jelly or snake, I'm not sure, but I'll know more by next week! We've been studying all about deep-sea life. Amazing what they've discovered just in the past few years. We've also been reading a Jewish folk tale every day which has been a really nice addition to our routine. And Amirah has enjoyed watching three shiurim at - a great online torah-learning site that has hundreds of free classes. One was all about the melachah of koshair (tying and untying knots - a melacha we haven't yet studied). You would have thought she was watching a comedy show from the sounds of it! The rabbi's assistant was pulling out all kinds of examples of knots that one might (or might not) encounter on shabbat - shoes, rain coats, twist-ties, scarves... she thought it was really funny. And she remembers nearly verbatim what the rabbi said several days later! This will be another great resource to integrate into our week. Great for me too! The truth is I homeschool for utterly selfish reasons - I get to learn right along with them! It's been fun, and I've gone on way too long.

Shabbat is imminent. Regular time is retreating and we're entering the shabbat zone. All worries cease. All time pressure ceases. The candles get lit. The grape juice is drunk. The challah - YUM. The feasting. Enjoying each other's company. Lots of reading and naps. Reviewing the parsha of the week. What a glorious, brilliant day. A weekly pinnacle of thanksgiving. Ahhhhhh....

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