Sunday, November 23, 2008

This Week's Art Projects

We did a lot of little projects this week. This one was fun. We made 4 vertical lines and 4 horizontal lines, then erased and added random straight lines to create many different rectangles and squares. We went over the lines in heavy black crayons, then filled in the shapes with primary colors (red, blue, yellow). It was really fun to watch Eli carefully fill in his squares. He really liked this project.



On a different day I printed off simple outlines of a dove and a fish. We filled them in with paper mosaic tiles.





I'm not sure what made us decide to do an Israeli flag, but Amirah decided this would be a fun project...

A while ago we made several of these but I didn't post it. We took coffee filters and folded them many times. Then we dipped the point and edges into food coloring diluted with water. These turned out beautiful!

That's the week of art!

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The Six of Us said...

Love it!
I did the square project with my kids yesterday. Thanks for the idea...they loved it (although Jake is being so particular that it is stretching into a two day project.)

It is the best job, isn't it??