Friday, March 27, 2009

Ahhhhh... Normal!

I'm savoring a whole week of nice, normal routine. It's been really great. We all seem so glad to be home that we haven't even really gone anywhere except a few errands and my couple of hours of piano lessons. Raizel's 3-year-old self (to be, in 2 months) really shined through today. No temper tantrums, and she was so sweet with her big sister when Amirah hurt her toe. She went upstairs to get her Pup, her favorite stuffed animal. She and Eli played really nice together while I was learning with Amirah. And Avi was in a really good mood too!! He's had a few teeth coming in, so he's been pretty cranky. He had a nice long nap and was pretty chipper the rest of the afternoon (not usually the case recently!). So today was just particularly nice. Eli finished it off with a good old temper tantrum, though. :) Oh, well. Looking for Goldbug in his car book made him forget that he was supposed to be having a temper tantrum.

We had a lot of fun during Eli's alphabet lesson... we were learning the letter "H" and we came up with the idea of thinking of "H" words and asking Avi to say them. They all thought it was hilarious. And it was!! Avi thought so too, and he really laughed trying to say "helicopter."

Another discovery I made... you can go to Google Books and download lots of (mostly expired-copyright) books. You can also get previews of nearly any book, it seems. It has many things that Project Gutenberg does not have. I just downloaded some reading books from the 1930s. The flavor of the books is very much the flavor of our family's life. Amirah is just adoring Dick and Jane and thinks the stories are very funny and cute. She's asking to do some reading multiple times a day. And fortunately, the library has a large supply of those books, so we don't even need to download any!

Better get to bed sort of on time. More to follow, including kitchen photos!

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