Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Busy Day

I just finished planning our frugal pesach dishes. Now I just have to organize when we're eating what and make out my final shopping lists. I'm really excited about trying tilapia ceviche! :) We'll eat a little more meat and fish than usual, have a couple more treats than we would otherwise, and consume way more eggs, matzo meal, and potatoes than we normally do. But overall it looks like we can pull off a great week of meals without spending more than our usual.

Tomorrow Amirah and I are going to the wedding of someone I've known since 1999. Dean is going to stay home with the other three. Amirah and I should really enjoy the evening, eating and dancing and seeing friends. I'm looking forward to our date.

The decluttering continues! Dean did a bit more tonight after I took the kids to swimming lessons. The only two places to check downstairs for "clutter" are the art/educational supplies closet (which has already been decluttered twice... the third one will be the brutal one!), and the kitchen food cupboards (which are about to be re-organized for pesach anyway). After that the entire downstairs will be completely free of ANY extraneous items. It's an amazing feeling. Upstairs has some cupboards to go through, but it shouldn't take long. Yay.

No, we're not decluttering for the sake of pesach, though some people go really nuts with the cleaning. It's just happening to coincide with putting the house on the market soon (we hope).

Better get some of that elusive sleep.

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