Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back on the Wagon

I just finished planning all our dinners for the month of March. I'm pretty good at winging it if the pantry is well-stocked, but it is nice not to have to THINK about what's for dinner. If there are savings to be had on certain items at the store I can always alter the plan. Tomorrow I'm hoping to plan out all the shabbat meals, plus purim!

We also did a Fling Boogie tonight. For those of you familiar with Flylady (online cleaning whiz), instead of the usual 27-Item Fling Boogie, we did a 27-Bag Fling Boogie. I always feel great after one of those. We're having a bunch of work done on the house, and they left their trailer here for us to dump things in. And we sure did! And a bunch more will go to Good Will this week too. Feels good to lighten the load.

We had a fun morning doing reading, math, and science, and a fun afternoon doing art (purim costumes!) and music. Tomorrow Amirah has a fossils class at OMSI and she is REALLY excited!

Other than that we're just trying to get rid of the sniffles. Love these minor nose colds though. Piece of cake. I am sad, though, that my former-teacher immunities seem to be wearing off. New bugs I suppose. Oh, well...

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