Friday, February 5, 2010

Great Outing!

We had a great time at the wildlife center. Absolutely beautiful, with boardwalks through natural areas and lots of interesting, mostly native, animals to observe. We had such a good time, except that I fell with Avi in my arms and my shoulders and side got pretty bruised. Ow. I was too busy admiring everything around me and got all tangled up in a branch on the ground. Ow. Oy. Ow. We got a membership there, and I'm sure we'll be back many, many times. Voice is quite hoarse, and I'm looking forward to a little extra rest over shabbos. And the menu? Good question. I know we're having chicken. And the challah's made. And the bbq sauce for the chicken. Mashed potatoes for Amirah. Probably otherwise just a salad and a slew of roasted and/or steamed veggies. I think lunch will just be tuna and salads, but we'll jazz it up. Slowly ramping up the kitchen, and next week maybe shabbos won't take me by surprise. I also got several dozen okara (soy bean pulp) muffins done. And somehow we went through four loaves of bread this week??!? We usually eat 1–2 loaves, so I'm not sure what happened there! :) Gotta make more bread already. Anyway..... off to sleep and rest that shoulder. A hot shower will feel nice. Love to all.

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