Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Quick Update

A bit tired, here. They all came down with stomach bugs (the messy variety) this week. I've been spared, but a couple of us (like me) also have colds. We're a bit ragged around the edges. We're also having some difficulty locating a plain old, ordinary old, van. I knew there weren't that many here, but there really are NONE, despite all the ones I see driving through the streets. Erg. Hopefully something will be worked out soon.

Despite that, we managed two good days of learning so far this week, got our library cards, unpacked all of the boxes (still a little organizing to do, but it's going pretty well, B"H), got our kitchen up and running (yay, bread; yay, soy milk; yay, beans; yay, home-roasted coffee beans), checked out three vans (all busts) and started to get the lay of the land. We really like it here.

We had many, many wonderful dinner deliveries which eased the transition to a new place and now here we are! I'm feeling slightly bewildered (where are we?!?), quite happy, a bit hoarse/grouchy/unrefined, a bit anxious (gotta sell that Portland house and find a reasonably priced van!), and eagerly looking forward to shabbos when I hope DH and I can just manage a revolving door of naps.

Tomorrow after an early lunch I think I'll take the kids to Oatland Island Wildlife Center for a day of biology and nature study. :) I think we need to have a little outing this week, and we shouldn't be contagious any more.

More to come, but for now GOOD NIGHT!

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