Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Menu

Now we're cooking! :)

For dinner:

chicken w/bbq sauce
baked potatoes w/tofu sour cream and green onions
caesar salad with croutons
sweet and sour coleslaw
cucumber salad
marinated mushrooms
coconut pineapple ice "cream"

and for lunch:

salads from above
roasted red pepper salad
cucumber salad
lamb stew (almost a cholent, but not...)
butternut squash kugel
dobostorte (if I have time; coconut pineapple stuff if I don't!)


Now it's making me hungry.

We sure are in the Adar spirit around here! Things are good, there's a carnival on Sunday with food and games, and the weather is turning NICE.

Good shabbos to all!

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