Tuesday, May 6, 2008

6 AM? Who gets up at 6 AM?

Our kids do! Well, half of them. And I guess most of the world, for that matter. I'm just used to the Earlix household arising at 8 am, except for DH who likes (?!) to get up really early. 6 am is an entirely undignified hour to get up (in my opinion), and I must say I'm just NOT at my best (understatement) even if I go to sleep at 10 pm. We're going to try to put a blanket over their window so maybe they'll trick themselves into thinking it's still night. I really need those 9:30-1:00 am hours to get everything done around the house, plan homeschooling projects, and do anything else that needs my attention. Here's hoping...

One small reward - DH and DD #1 (who was awakened by DD #2) are making bagels for breakfast. DH makes the *best* bagels. I'm ruined for any others.


Jesi and Joe said...

LOL... 6:00am is NOT my favorite time of the day either! Yet... that's when we're up these days too! Oi!

I'm late in catching up with you blog, but so thrilled to see you made it home safely and are busy fighting off the bugs! Joe and I are still cycling back and forth through GI issues... need to go to the Dr. AGAIN and get checked for Giardia... ugh! I'm hoping that's not the case... but we still need to collect the samples from the kiddos and check them too, so maybe we'll all be in this together here in our house!

Looking forward to more photos when you can! WELCOME HOME!

LISA said...

Welcome Home!