Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Pictures!

Finally, I'm getting some more recent pictures of the kids downloaded (thanks for the reminder, J!). It's been a busy week, er, month.

One of our first outings was to the zoo.
Here I am with the whole brood.

The zoo was a big hit.

Here's a funny face...

This is where Eli slept for the first few nights
after we were all home (?).

Last week we had some 90-degree+ weather
so we went to the water fountain in Beaverton on Thursday.

Sunday was savta's birthday (Dean's mom).
She and Grandpa Neil came up from Ashland, OR

on the bus and spent two nights here.

We had a nice birthday dinner and birthday cake #1.

Wearing savta's tichel (scarf).
(Poor nose - it hit the driveway on Friday...)

Avi likes frosting...

Playing out on the back deck.

On Monday Raizel turned 2!

And Eli had his 3rd birthday on the Hebrew calendar.
His Gregorian birthday is on Friday.
On his Hebrew birthday, he got his
tzitzit and kippah
just like papa wears.
Pictures to come!

Eli likes chocolate frosting...

It's been quite a week. Happy Thursday!

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Jesi and Joe said...

Oh my gosh! What a bunch of cuties! Thanks for the pictures, the kids ALL look great! What a beautiful and happy family! I'm sure the zoo was a blast! How is Avi doing on outings? Is he pretty chill hanging in the stroller for a while at a time or does he get bored? Ours do GREAT on walks, but Ezra seems to hate being in stores and generally gets fussy quickly... such a boy! ;-) Thanks again for the photos! Happy birthday to Eli & Raizel!