Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Out and about

Yes, indeed, we have managed two outings in two days, both to parks. And it only took an hour to get out the door! The down side - we're all sick with colds and pinkeye. I feel like I'm living underwater and in slow motion. It will be much easier when we're all healthy.

We finally got our camera batteries, cable, and computer in the same place and have downloaded our pictures from the trip. Here's one for now, with more to come (bli neder!).

Raizel has been doing great. She's been comfy cozy with us since we took her from the orphanage last Friday. Definitely a little needier than our other kids, but nothing that's hard to handle. A&E have been super with their new siblings. A loves to entertain the baby, and both have been very generous in suddenly sharing their parents.

Thanks to everyone for their good wishes (and good meals!).

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