Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our Fifth Day in Ethiopia

Oh, dear. Monday is a bit fuzzy. There are also no pictures dated for that day. I do remember we went to the US embassy in the morning with our lawyer, waited for about 45 minutes, then had a 30-second "Yes, we promise our documents are true" and that was it. Then home for lunch. We also brought Avi home with us for the day and night. After spending the night with us, though, and with all of us sick with colds, we decided it was easier to have him stay at Toukoul until it was time for us to fly home. Better for us all to be well-rested!

Here are some random pictures from here and there:

A fire in a business district... about 10 store owners were frantically emptying out their stores.

Here's a high school. The students are always in uniform, and very nicely dressed. It was refreshing to see.
And for those with a really morbid sense of humor (shoa means holocaust in Hebrew; it's actually just a neighborhood in Addis Ababa)...
Most of Addis seemed to be under construction, or abandoned construction, or paused construction... very little there seemed "finished." Most of the neighborhoods pretty much looked like these pictures. And this was the Big City! :) More to come...

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