Friday, August 22, 2008

The Menu

Here 'tis:

Roast chicken with lemon and garlic
mashed potatoes
roasted zucchini
roasted carrots
steamed spelt
caesar salad
lemon tofu pudding

For lunch:

- avocado, cucumber, krab, sesame seeds
- salmon rolls
- futomaki (rolls with kampyo (gourd), sweet omelet, cucumber
- cucumber rolls

miso soup
cucumber salad
green salad with miso dressing
steamed soy beans

And my brother and his wife and children (closing in on 2 and 3-1/2). We're so excited!!!!!

1 comment:

Andrew and Rebecca said...

Hi! You must be having a very busy week! A little birdy told me that DHL is headed to Addis w/ a package labeled "Ferguson!" =o)