Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Milestones, Milestones, Milestones

I should be asleep, but a lot is happening around here!

1) We had our 3-month post-adoption visit from a social worker tonight. Ethiopia requires quarterly reports during the first year, to be filed by the agency/social worker. After that we make annual reports ourselves. It took all of 15 minutes (!!??!!), and basically went like this:

Introductions (we had a new-to-us social worker... long story)
When did they last see the doctor?
Have they had any medical issues?
How have all the children adjusted?
How have the parents adjusted?

I was expecting at least an hour! Oh, well. Nothing like efficiency.

2) Avi got his first American tooth... bringing him to a grand total of 3!

3) Avi started pulling himself up to standing position and being quite excited about it.

4) Raizel started sleeping - HAPPILY - in a crib in her very own room! She had been wanting to get up at 6:30 am and play in my bed (ugh). A happy mommy sleeps until at least 7:30 (but 8:00 is fine too!) Now not a peep out of her until 8:00 or 8:30.

5) Tonight, Amirah and I went out with friends to go meteor-watching. Raizel walked out with us, closed my door, and enthusiastically waved goodbye over and over again as we drove away. Is this the same Raizel??? I haven't heard yet how it went after that since we got back just before midnight, but I'm very curious. It was so nice to see her grinning face as I left instead of hearing the howls of protest I'm accustomed to.

So, a very good evening. Lots of little mini-tantrums all around today (myself included!), so it was nice to get out with Amirah this evening. Tonight, to bed on time after making a brief plan for the day tomorrow.

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