Friday, August 29, 2008

The Menu

Yes, a busy week here. Two grandparents, eight grandchildren, three siblings, and their spouses. Yep, a busy week here! It's been great. It was the first time all eight grandkids were in the same room. It was really great to have some extended conversations with my brother. With all the small children and his new job (UCLA professor), we haven't talked too much in recent months. It was nice. And I'm really excited to know what he actually DOES at his new job. :)

So, the menu... mostly frozen food:

Challah (freezer)
Cabbage beef soup (freezer)
BBQ chicken (freezer; just needed to be defrosted & bbqed)
Roasted zucchini
Steamed spelt (freezer)
Spaghetti squash
Raspberry squares (freezer)

And for lunch - spanikopita. And some visitors too! SF will get to meet the two youngest kids for the first time, and we always enjoy spending time with RF. Yay.

And a completely unrelated comment... did you know that Sarah Palin gave birth to a son just a few months ago (her 5th child, I think)? He has Down's Syndrome. She was back in the governor's office just 3 DAYS LATER! And now she's running for VP. For a whole host of reasons, this just left me feeling completely depressed. The Republican Party is supposedly the party more dedicated to preserving traditional family values. But how could I consider voting for someone who will in effect need to abandon her children to perform her job duties? In good conscience, I can't. And now I feel I am left without any candidates at all, kind of like the last election. I don't normally talk about politics, and that will probably be a very rare moment on this blog for me. I know a lot more than that should go into considering a candidate, but that's my reaction to what I just read hours ago. I just feel ill that so many people can't be bothered to raise their own children. Strong language, I know, but I had a strong reaction. (And for the records, my husband and I are both republicrats. No one swings votes more than we do!)

Oh, well. It's almost shabbat now and it's time for the cares of the everyday world to melt away as the sun goes down. We get ready to greet the sabbath bride, and then all will be delicious for 25 wonderful hours. Politics and everything else will just have to wait. Thank G-d for shabbat!!!!!

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Andrew and Rebecca said...

Republicrats! I love it and will have to borrow this term...I have found my official party =).
Your wisdom is so wise. I, too, felt that this smart, busy and pro-life mom will be spending tooooo much time away from her sweet babes. I like how we think alike my friend!