Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More and More Progress

Now not only does Raizel not mind saying goodbye to me for a couple of hours, but she also did not mind when I taught a 30-minute lesson today. I was thinking I might have to teach outside the house or get them outside of the house while I was teaching, but it might work out after all. The timing is really good too. I'll start teaching my whopping four hours per week starting after September 8, so still another four weeks to go. I'm just so gratified to see this really resilient, adaptable, beautiful little girl just continuing to sail full speed ahead into our family and into our hearts.

She also loves all of our Jewish rituals. We had pita bread with dinner tonight, and we do a ritual washing of the hands and make a brachah, a blessing, before we eat bread. So all but Avi got up to wash, then our guests, then Amirah, Eli, Dean and I made a motzi (blessing for bread). Then Raizel looked at me and said, "I make a brachah too, mama!" So word by word she made the brachah and she was so excited. It was her first brachah, and she looked so happy to be joining the ranks of brachah-makers.


Jesi and Joe said...

Wow, that's awesome. Isn't it amazing to see those big steps forward?! What a beautiful thing - seeing Raizel feel secure in her family and start allowing some more space between you two as she becomes comfortable in the knowledge that this family is forever!

The Six of Us said...

What a blessing. And what a beautiful life she has entered into. It is so wonderful to see ones children engaging themselves at such an early age (what age is better!) into the family's faith.