Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday, Raizel!

That girl has graduated from troublemaker to bubblemaker. She had a very nice birthday today. We had our learning time in the morning, followed by cupcake and frosting making. She decided on purple cupcakes and pink frosting. After lunch, we went to the toy store to spend some "free" money... we had filled up our purchases card (took 4 years!) and had about $30 to spend. They decided to put all the money into one present and get a remote control car. I also let Amirah get a nice little plastic horse. She followed me all the way to the register sighing, "Oh, mama. THANK you. THANK you. I love it..." It was very cute.

Then we walked across the street to Starbucks and sat and had a drink treat. They were very excited about that one! Then we went to pick up papa and I went to teach, then home for toast, eggs, and oatmeal... with cupcakes for dessert. And a few presents. Tennis balls were a big hit. As was the fancy-shmancy skirt and shoes from grandma. A nice birthday for our girl. And now for 3 more days, she and Eli will both be 3 years old. OH! Another big highlight was the phone calls. Her favorite thing (after fancy shoes) is definitely talking on the telephone. She kept coming up with names of people we should call. Very funny girl. Time for sleep...

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