Friday, May 1, 2009

The Menu

What a week! I feel every one of my 40+ years, but it was a very satisfying week. The house looks terrific. Lots of nice empty space. We got new carpets put in on Wednesday. The realtor came and took pictures on Thursday. We're pretty much set!

Several people have asked me, "Don't you wish you'd done all this work sooner?" The decluttering, yes! I had no idea how many useless (to us) items we had. Mountains of things have gone to Good Will and the dump. There's still a little more to do. When we move, I want to be certain that every item in every box is useful, needed, and/or much loved. It's a lot easier to keep the house neat without any clutter! I want to preserve this state forever. Fortunately, no one in this family really collects stuff or is attached to things so I'm hopeful.

Do I wish we'd done the cosmetic fixing sooner? Not at all. We didn't use our own money to fix it up. That will come out of the sale of the house. Instead, we have devoted ourselves to the care, feeding, and education of four children, and what could give us more joy than that? Yes, the house looks beautiful, but not nearly as beautiful as the sight of all of them rolling around on the floor together. I have not one ounce of true wistfulness that we were staying in this house, or a house equally well fixed up. I do love being in the house the way it is now, though, and wouldn't mind if our next community is inexpensive enough that we could afford a house as nicely fixed up as this one. But only if we can pay it off in 15 years or less!

And now the menu...

lamb chops
roasted potatoes
roasted carrots/zucchini/onion/garlic
roasted asparagus
spinach salad
apricot cake

and for lunch...

meatballs and rice

Shabbat shalom to all!

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