Friday, May 15, 2009

John Day Pictures

DAY ONE - Shabbat

Sorry, no pictures! But it was a lovely day...

DAY TWO - John Day National Monument, Sheep Rock Unit; fossil digging; Murderers Creek

the lovely hills

resting in the Sheep Rock area

digging for fossils at Fields Creek

our cow friend

playing at Murderers Creek

DAY 3 - Lake Magone and horseback riding

Digging holes at Lake Magone

Deer bones at the side of the road. A bit odd!

Can we please live on a farm, mommy?

DAY 5 - Fossil (too wet to dig for fossils in Fossil); John Day Nat'l Monument, Clarno Unit

great clouds

We hiked up to those spires above. It got so windy near the top
I thought we'd all tumble down, so back down we came.

She can't have keys until she's 25.

Farewell, John Day National Monument!

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Anonymous said...

Your kids are too cute!!! Awww! But murderers creek? How do you explain THAT one to kids?