Sunday, September 13, 2009

This Last Week

It's been quite a week. I can only give the Reader's Digest version, or I'll be here typing all night. So here it is in backwards chronological order.

First, baruch dayan ha'emet. The end of shabbat brought the news that my husband's stepfather passed away this afternoon, at the age of 81, peacefully of a heart attack in the arms of his wife, surrounded by his beloved dogs. The funeral will be on Monday morning, and Dean will be going down tomorrow afternoon. May his mother be comforted among all the mourners of Tzion.

Second, baruch hashem no one was hurt, but the canvas rooftop carrier we use on the car either broke or became loose and flew off while we were on the freeway. B"H it flew off towards the center divider and didn't fly over it, and B"H it didn't fly off the other direction. Within an hour we had ODOT going out to search for the carrier for us, but to no avail. We went to the State Police office and they had not retrieved it either. So, back we went to the freeway to see for ourselves. It was gone. But several of the contents were strewn along the opposite side of the freeway. First my two pillows, then papa's, then Amirah's beloved pink-striped pillow (which brought many tears). A little later, Dean's sleeping bag (took them a while to reject that one!). They must have kept the rest of the STOLEN property. A long delay that led to us not getting home until 6:00 (and shabbat started at 7:15!!). But the important thing - no one was hurt. It will cost $400 to replace all that we lost, but that's small potatoes. I am curious to check out Craigslist in Springfield, and I think I'll go ahead and file a stolen property report. Can't hurt... But probably won't help either. OY!

And last, the camping trip itself was lovely. The tent was very spacious for us and our things. The weather was beautiful. Amirah tried fishing (no fish). We visited the little lake at our campground every afternoon and went out on various adventures each morning. It was really a lovely little week there.

Lots to do now, but that's our quick update. Wishing ima much love and comfort. Good night!

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