Thursday, September 17, 2009


When Raizel turns 6, she's going to get married and have 10 kids. Boys and girls. She and her husband will sit in their barn and play with toys all day. And Amirah is writing a book about a cat and a fish. The cat invited the fish to dinner and the fish thought that that was, er, not a good idea. The plot continues... She would like to sell the book for $5. And Avi is not going to get married, not going to have a house, not going to have children and not going to work. Can you tell his favorite word is a loud, authoritative "NO!"? Eli had nothing to say on any of these matters. He uses his words sparingly, and will probably outlive everyone, because when we are born Hashem grants us a certain number of words and when we've used them all up, it's time to go. I think he's gearing up for 120. :)

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