Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Pesach Holiday

Between preparing for pesach, celebrating pesach, and the aftermath of pesach, it's been a busy few weeks. Now life slowly returns to (nearly) normal. Sandwich bread was baked yesterday, and hamburger/sandwich buns and challah dough are rising in the refrigerator overnight. Shabbos food, however, is still theoretical...

We mostly took a learning vacation starting a few days before pesach through the end of pesach. We did enjoy reading from our zoology text about insect life cycles and defense mechanisms, and from our history text about the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. Next week we'll finish up ancient world history. We'll spend the rest of April/May/June focusing on ancient Jewish history specifically. We've done it in bits and pieces throughout the year as it tied in to whatever subject we were studying at the time. I'm looking forward to going through it exclusively!

Some highlights of the pesach holiday:

•A one-week visit from savta!!
•A quiet seder at home and another lovely seder with another family
•A dolphin tour on one of the tidal rivers
•A night tour of historical Savannah with savta and Amirah
•An afternoon playing in the waves at the beach
•Watching spring unfold all over
•Yummy food!

Good shabbos!

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