Friday, April 23, 2010

The Menu

Eating, learning, cleaning, eating, cooking, cleaning, eating, cleaning, cleaning. That's today!

And for dinner...

stewed chicken
w/stewed potatoes
steamed corn
carrot ginger pureé
creamed cabbage (tofu sour cream)
bok choi sauté
chocolate cake

And tomorrow we're out...

Good shabbos, all!


Jennifer in MamaLand said...

Corn! I love corn! It's not Shabbos around here without the Green Giant... (frozen corn, steamed to perfection)
Shavua Tov from ICLW (International Comment Leaving Week) #163!

alpidarkomama said...

But you wouldn't love "creamed" cabbage with tofu sour cream. BLEAH!!!!! Won't do that again. :)