Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pictures, Pictures

I finally downloaded all the pictures off of the camera. They go back quite a few weeks!

Here are some recent pictures of each of the kids...

Avi is the most agile of the bunch. Definitely our biggest climber ever!
(And a funny note - we got these bunk beds before pesach, but the safety rail was missing on top;
turns out that an alef-beis board we made when Amirah was born was exactly the right fit!)

And here's a bonus picture of Eli on his new bike (thanks, grandma and grandpa!).

We're really enjoying the surrounding fauna. The chorus of birds in the morning is astounding, and they're even pretty busy in the middle of the night! On Sunday we went to a little green space a couple of blocks away. There are canals everywhere to channel all the rain and water. This canal was lovely, and chock full of dozens (probably hundreds) of diamondback terrapins and some kind of frog or toad (probably multiple species!).

We also have many, many kinds of butterflies floating around. We took this picture outside of Dean's office, and they are also all over the back yard.

And the green anole is a frequent visitor...

Today, I looked for a walking trail for us to explore, and we ended up at the Savannah-Ogeechee Canal. It was a lovely .5 mile walk through swamp forest to the Ogeechee River. Rain was threatening the whole time, so the darkness added to the lovely eeriness of the scenery. We loved the walk, and it was the perfect length for little Avi legs. We spent about a little over an hour there. A perfect afternoon outing.

And finally... we had our first t-ball game last week. They're having a lot of fun!

The Purple Player

Pink helmet and pink bat made her day!

Eli's unique style

Avi really wants to play too

About to leave for our first game


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