Friday, March 11, 2011

The Menu

AKA, how to make shabbos meals in two hours! I got a later than usual start today, but at least I had already made the sorbet and tossed the challah dough in the fridge to rise over night! Phew! I'm still done early enough... Can't explain that one!

For dinner:

flounder with preserved lemon salsa
a light harira (Moroccan soup but w/o the meat or beans, just broth, eggs, tomato paste, veggies and spices)
apricot chicken tagine
roasted carrots
basmati rice
spinach salad
strawberry kiwi sorbet

And for lunch:

most of the same,
except curried chicken apple salad instead of the tagine

Good shabbos, all!

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Jennifer in MamaLand said...

I find it's ALWAYS the same rush... whether Shabbos is early or late, whether I'm out in the morning or home. Absolutely NOTHING makes a difference: the home stretch always feels exactly the same and somehow, we always slide safely home just in time.
Good Shabbos!