Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What Keeps Me Up at Night

My night plate is a bit full right now. Hence, not much blogging. :) What's it full with??

•writing the piano accompaniments for our choir songs

•writing up materials for the recorder class

•planning pesach menus and cleaning schedule

•finding new songs to add to our holiday songbook (good to learn a few new ones every year!)

•composing some new halacha songs

•finding new (to us) tefillah melodies (as a musician we definitely can't just learn one or two or three!)

•gathering the paperwork (adoption and property tax) that we need for t-t-t-t-taxes.

•planning our learning time and making sure we'll have enough done before real pesach madness hits

•researching a little about Georgia fruits and vegetables as we hope to get in 4 beds in the next couple of weeks (one herbs, one greens, one cool veggies like broccoli etc., one warm veggies)

•grocery shopping and drawing class (my two evening outings)

•and the hour or so of housecleaning I do every night, including prepping doughs and anything else that needs to be done for our coming meals

So, like I said, a wee bit busy during those evening hours. But GOOD busy. REALLY good busy. It's been fun to sink my teeth into some fun music projects. Learning anything I need to learn to teach the next day is also really fun, especially for kodesh studies. Now, if only I could master the art of Going to Bed on Time. Some day... GOOD NIGHT!

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Jennifer in MamaLand said...

Wow! I have been wondering when people get housework done... sigh. I knew it would be something like that. I'm not nearly as busy, but prepping a Pesach lapbook and putting together a month-by-month poetry-study book, among other things. Plus my regular ASL class, plus prep for tutoring "my" giyores, plus... I really ought to do food prep at night; that's brilliant, too.
I would love to be able to hear some of your music eventually, somehow.